Collective Memory and Memorial in an Urban Public Space: Queens Park and Cunningham’s Knoll, Ipswich. A Field Report.
Roger Ford , Ph D candidate, Griffith University 2021

Local government in Australia plays a significant role in the remembrance of community history on a number of levels including the commissioning of public memorials and the preservation of heritage sites. In the case of the Queen’s Park and Cunningham’s Knoll precinct, the Ipswich Council showed little interest in acknowledging or commemorating the convict heritage of the city. Instead in its place, the safer progressive myth of the Australian explorer and the achievements of the local Labour party were honoured at an official level in a public space. The 1960s Ipswich grass roots protest against the destruction of a local convict site is indicative of the importance of cultural memory within a community and also of the social value of sites which French historian Pierre Nora refers to as lieux de memoire or the pathways to popular collective memory.